Home Improvement Contractor Lubbock Texas

How to Hire a Home Improvement Contractor

Are you looking to transform your average house into a beautiful home? Maybe your kitchen needs an update to the 21st century, or you need to build an extension for more space, or it’s time for a new roof. Whatever you need done, you’ll need to hire a quality contractor for home improvement in Lubbock.

Research Your Potential Contractors

Whenever you start a new home improvement in Lubbock project you need to ensure that you have put in the proper amount of time and effort into researching for a quality contractor. The most important thing is to research several contractors, meet with them face-to-face if you can, and discuss your vision; try to find a contractor that connects with you and understands you so you can turn your vision into reality. Talk with friends, neighbors, or co-workers that have used contractors in the past to get a potential list of contractors to check on. Also verify the integrity and quality of any contractors by using trustful websites that rate and review contractors in your area. When you contact a contractor, ask them how long they have been in business under their current name or ownership. Often, scam contractors will change names every few years to try to clear their name. Verify that the contractor you are considering has all the necessary licenses for the project you want done. You can contact the local building department to find out what licenses will be needed.

Ask Your Potential Contractor Questions

Once you have chosen potential contractors for home improvement in Lubbock, you’ll have to ask them several questions. The biggest worry about a home improvement project is the costs; be upfront with a potential contractor about your budget so that they can work within it. Get your cost estimates from contractors in writing and get them to explain the cost breakdown of their estimates. Remember that the lowest bid isn’t always the best option; often, a lower bid is also going to result in lower quality. Get your timeline estimates in writing and inquire about how many similar projects they have done recently. Get multiple references for work they have done and try to check them out in person. Verify that the contractors have the proper insurance in place: Personal Liability, Workers Compensation, Property Damage Coverage. Get the contact information for their insurance provider so that you can get copies of their insurance certificates to verify. Inquire about payment options, try to limit any down payments; you should not need to pay until work has started (anything that costs the contractor money.) As well, try to get your payments dependent on their completion of defined amounts of work. Always get everything in writing, and to avoid scams, never sign anything that has blank spaces to be filled in later.

Once You’ve Hired A Contractor

When you have found a contractor that is right for your home improvement in Lubbock, and once work has started, ensure that you keep written records of everything, including: the contract, change orders, correspondences, all payments, phone call logs, photographs of progress, etc. Do not sign off on the project or final payment unless you are fully satisfied with the project completion. Also, don’t forget that many places have laws in place governing how much the final bill can exceed the estimate. Ensure the contractor knows the permits needed for the project and permit process.

Avoid Scams: Contact a Reputable Contractor

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