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Nine Tips for Choosing a Roofing Contractor

Ask Around

Word of mouth is still the best form of advertisement, so if you’re looking for roofing contractors in Plainview, TX ask around. Ask your neighbors and friends which contractors they’d recommend – or wouldn’t. You can save yourself a lot of hassle and money if you find the right roofing contractors for your home.

Find Online

We live in the digital age, and one of the easiest ways to find a good roofing contractor in Plainview, TX is to check out their online presence. Not all contractors will have a website, but you may be able to find some online reviews. Look up the company on the Better Business Website, for example, or directly contact the BBB to get a reliability report. Good companies will have good reviews and BBB scores. It’s that simple. If the contractor does have a website, you can also get easy access to pictures or info about their current or past projects.

Insurance is a Must

Don’t hire any roofing contractors in Plainview, TX that don’t have insurance. Ask to see certificates and do your due diligence. Once the contractor presents you with the insurance documents, actually call the insurance carrier to confirm that they are valid. You want to ensure that the service you will be receiving is protected with the security of coverage, and that the contractor you hire is fully licensed.

Choose a Local Contractor

Make sure you’re choosing local roofing contractors in Plainview, TX. That way you can hire a roofing contractor that has an established business and reputation in the community.

Don’t Cheap Out

The most inexpensive roofing contractors in Plainview, TX might not be the best ones. Remember: you get what you pay for, so pay for high-quality work that will last.

Get it Written Down

When you choose a roofing contractor in Plainview, TX, make sure that you get everything in writing. That includes all the price estimates, material costs, and job details. That way, if you’re not satisfied with the work, you have something tangible to refer to.

Communication, Communication

You want to choose a roofing contractor in Plainview, TX that communicates with you clearly and regularly. Do they return your calls? Did they send you the documentation they said they would? If not, you’ll want to choose a different contractor; miscommunications or lack of communication can cost time, energy, and money.

Do Not Pay in Advance

Most reputable roofing contractors in Plainview, TX, won’t ask for more than 1/3 of a deposit for work to be completed. If a contractor asks you to pay for the entirety of the job, you may never see your money – or that contractor – again. Make sure that you don’t hand over money until after the work is completed and you are 100% satisfied with it.

Visit the Office

Ask for a business card and find out the location of the contractor’s physical office. This way, you can avoid scams, and ensure that you are hiring a legitimate roofing contractor in Plainview, TX.

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